Strengthen your company culture while having a lot of fun with your co-workers!

We've all dreaded the company retreats and not-so-fun Christmas parties that we have had to go to in the past... Instead, of doing the usual, boring, company retreat, let us throw you the most epic company retreat that people can't wait to go to! Leave it to us to deliver a retreat, event or party that is unique, fun, focuses on personal development and bonding over shared experiences. 

What we do : Pushing cultural intelligence forward.

No matter who at your company attends a BeHive produced event for your company they’ll be playing a crucial part in creating a workplace culture that gives positive direction for your organization and its people. A strong workplace culture makes it easier for an organization to stay focused, define its goals, and deliver on those goals. A strong culture is especially valuable during times of uncertainty and change.  Cultural intelligence exists when a company trusts itself enough to live the promise of its culture in how its brands communicate with its employees and consistently delivers on that promise in the recruitment, retention and development of its employees. Our goal is to help you create the right cultural experience for your event.

Corporate retreats usually incorporate trust falls, standing on a balancing plank with a co-worker or other dated, ineffective activities like that. Motivation, productivity and synergy is not born out of trust falls and the passing of a ball. What employees want and need is to feel they are growing as people and then and only then can you grow as a company together. Forced time and bonding together does not work, it has to happen organically, and we are the masters of sparking that magic. 

What’s it like at a BeHive event?

Imagine collaborating and hanging out with some of the smartest, craziest, most passionate people in the world. Your employees! In addition to your agenda for the event, BeHive organizes activities designed to foster education and personal growth. Providing all the support and coaching you need to be your best. All in a fun and positive way.

Our retreats incorporate elements of a personal development retreat, business conference and leisurely weekend getaways into one amazing package, customised just for you and your company! You tell us your needs, group size and budget and we will tailor it to your needs.


Reasons to work with BeHive:


True to you: 

We craft the event to ensure that your corporate culture and identity shine through.



Freedom to express yourself... you set as much of the agenda as you want and we do the rest.


Emphasis on growth as a group and as individuals: 

Everything is geared toward shared experiences of learning, growth and fun. We live and breathe learning and ensure your employees get access to new experiences and knowledge.


Unusual combination of activities: 

Salsa dancing, silent discos, karaoke, campfires, honky tonk bar, paintball wars, zip-lining, nutrition, off road carts and bikes, business and personal coaching, cooking classes, rock climbing, party bus tours & bar crawl, wine tasting, spa sessions, costume parties, New Orleans Jazz bars, snow sports, celebrity appearances or talks, and many more.



We put the “Fun” in “Business Fundamentals.” We believe that work can be fun and we create an environment that is designed to make your events a ton of fun.


Flexible locations: 

We can plan events anywhere. We've planned everything from LA bar-hopping to Santa Barbara retreats to Bali entrepreneur getaways! We are flexible and happy to plan events anywhere!



We see ourselves as stewards of your company culture and work closely with you to give you the most customized and culturally intelligent event possible. We also don't believe in a plug-and-play model, we tailor everything to your needs and wants.



We will fight for the lowest possible pricing as if we were planning the event for ourselves. We believe your money is valuable and we don't want it wasted!


Time-saving & stress free: 

Planning a vacation takes a lot of time. Planning an event takes even more time. Save yourself the pain and let the professional Experience Orchestrators work their magic!


Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate on an amazing event together!

Give us a ring at (424) 205-1888 or email us using the form on this page and a BeHive Experience Orchestrator will get in touch!