BeHive                                                              PRODUCTIONS


Outside of our programs & events, BeHive specializes in the following types of core-team video production. We offer custom packages for each client, focusing on high-quality content and assistance in the development of content. Our team includes film & TV professionals that are familiar with the unique & specific needs of companies, coaches, trainers and the like.  



This covers everything from internal training and on-boarding videos, to branding / marketing / promotional content for companies. We ensure your content is aligned with your brand and vision.



For coaches: We can help you develop your training video content and advise to you create the most high-quality, beautiful video according to your needs. We oversee the process all the way from development to delivery to make sure your content stands up against the shiniest of online programs.

For companies: We can help you create training videos for different departments, for specific events or specific projects. We are completely flexible and will work with you to create videos that fit your company culture and brand.



For speakers: We do live-filming and streaming services for live speaking engagements. We understand how important it is to ensure that your live streaming works seamlessly and your talk is filmed by the best team for the job. 



For coaches and trainers who are looking to create content for their website, or an online course, we have a team that can ensure you do so in a cost-effective, quality way that fully transfers your methods and the core of what you are teaching to the viewers at home. We know that these videos are vital to the success of your business, and we happen to have the perfect team to help you.